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Motor Claim Form

Motor Claims Procedures


Motor Insurance claims


This covers minimum third party liability limits required by law, and depending upon the level of additional cover purchased, may include cover for fire, theft, and damage to your own vehicle (i.e. comprehensive cover).


In the event of a loss you should do the following:


1. On the site of the accident obtain all relevant information about and from the other party. This information should include but not limited to the following:


  • Name of the driver

  • Number and issue and expiration dates of driver’s license,

  • Registration number, make , model and color of vehicle

  • Name of the company with which the vehicle is insured

  • The policy number of the insurance covering the vehicle

  • If the driver is not the owner, name and contact number for the owner

  • Contact number for the driver should also be taken.

  • Photographs of the accident (if possible)


2. Report the accident to the nearest Police Station, presenting them with your driver’s permit, certificate of insurance, and a written statement of the circumstances of the accident. (Make a note of the Police Officer’s name and number who is taking your statement, as this information will be required on the Claim form) and if possible note the diary reference number in which the report is being entered.


3. If the vehicle becomes disabled as a result of the accident call either one of the following numbers depending on your location:


  • Auto Assist at 800 4TOW or (800 4869)

  • 800 STAR or (800 7827) (Ambulance and wrecking service)

  • Total Convenience Maintenance at 622-4826




4. Contact Bell Insurance Services Limited to advise about the claim


5. Complete the Claim Form available here answering all of the questions and attaching a copy of the driver’s statement, together with those of any witnesses. You may come in to Bell’s office and we would assist you in this.


6. Obtain an estimate for repairs to your vehicle, and submit same to us.


7. Present a detailed Statement of Claim with the supporting documentation. (We would review and assist in the putting together of the package before it is submitted to insurers or adjusters)


8. Keep us informed of any developments as they arise


9. Bell Insurance Services Limited will be there when you have to meet with Adjusters/Insurers, and will guide and assist in advocating your positions and get agreement as to the nature and extent of loss.


10. Once claim is submitted us, we will liaise with both the adjuster and insurer until claim is settled.


Some important points:


  • Do not authorize repairs to the vehicle until it has been seen by the Insurer, and/or adjuster.

  • Prompt claims reporting is absolutely necessary

  • Never admit liability to third parties

  • Vehicles should be maintained in a roadworthy condition, with particular attention being paid to brakes, tires and lights.

  • Allow a reasonable time for the Insurer and Adjuster to view your vehicle.

  • Ensure always that the age of the driver that uses the car in compliant with the age authorizations on your insurance policy. Most policies prohibit drivers under the age of 25 & drivers who have been driving for less than two years.

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